Today (& Every Day) We Celebrate Startups

Posted by Emily Achler

Aug 5, 2014 1:17:00 PM

Today across the Twitterverse, people are celebrating #StartupDay2014. Startups are accelerating new innovations, creating jobs, and solving tough 21st century challenges every day. 

At CET, every day for us is #startupday - as we commercialize science and technology advancements that will help save energy, money, and our planet. 

We are thrilled to announce an important milestone for our business accelerator efforts.To date, startup companies that have participated in our signature Clean Energy Challenge program have gone on to raise public and private follow-on funding totaling $45M! 

At our last bi-annual metrics survey this number was $40M - awesome growth for our industry!

Congratulations to all of the companies who've raised funds this year!




Topics: Funding, startups, cleantech